Morning Rounds: Keeping kids safe in school

The Morning Show

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Many school districts are starting the year off remotely, but some students are going back to the classroom.

Some parents might wonder how will we make sure our kids stay safe in school?

Dr. Alexis Orama with Christie Clinic joined WCIA on Tuesday to help answer that question for parents.

Here are some tips medical experts have to share for parents helping their kids prepare for in-person classes:

  • Take temperatures before they leave for school. Make it a morning ritual, even if the school is taking temperatures too.
  • Lunches: Opt for a brown bag (disposable) and not a reusable container. It’s more sanitary to put your meal in your own bag and dispose of it when done.
  • Handwashing: Practice at home to ingrain it in your child’s mind. Do it before they leave, when they return, at lunchtime, or when in the restroom.
  • Look at options besides the bus. Consider walking if your home is near the school.
  • Masks: Find the perfect fit that will be comfortable for a long time and will avoid your child touching or adjusting it.
  • Social distancing: Teach safe, appropriate distances, and how to avoid hugging.
  • Ask your kids to shower or change their clothes when they return home.
  • Get the flu shot when available.

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