Local Author: Sean Alemayehu Tewodros Linzy

The Morning Show

1: Military Veteran writing 8 Novels before, during and after military life while doing various performances of music during career including Iraq and Korea deployments.

2: Author retires from U.S. Amry and begins the journey of retraces his Father’s Family history back to Ethiopia and Israel locating Family Members.

3: Author is the Great Great Grand Son of the Famous and Beloved Emperor King Tewodros II of Abyssinia, (1855 to 1968). Who is responsible for the modern day country of Ethiopia.

4: Military Experiences that influenced the Author to write novels and the future outlook. All publications are available everywhere online.

Props/Demonstration Ideas: Books for display 3 of 8 publications.

1. 9Eyes 9Deceiving Faces: 9Mecca Chicago

2. Emperor King Tewodros II of Abyssinia Is Alive!

3. Prince Alemayehu Tewodros Is Alive!

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