Kitchen Confidence: Zucchini Noodles

The Morning Show

Adam Wisnewski from Breakfast, Life and Dinner stops by the Morning Show for this week’s segment of Kitchen Confidence and Adam is showing us how to make a healthy pasta alternative using zucchini.


2-3 Zucchini squash

Pre-cooked protein: ham, tofu, shrimp

Oil or butter

Seasonings to taste

Use a spirializer tool to make “noodles” from the squash, sautée for about 5 min (or less)
Add protein and seasonings
Prep ’em!
Use the spiralizer tool to make long strings from the squash
Set up workspace with oil/butter, season blend, cooked protein 
Cook ’em!
In large pan, sautée squash in oil/butter for 3-4 minutes
Add protein and seasonings, heat through 1-2 min
Serve ’em!
Cornbread goes nice with ham.

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