Kitchen Confidence: Summer Slaws

The Morning Show

Cooking coach Adam Wisnewski joins the Morning Show and in this week’s Kitchen Confidence we are making some coleslaw alternatives.

6 cups shredded vegetables
⅔ C sugar
⅓ C salt
⅓ C strong vinegar

½  C Hummus + ½  C Mayo
1 TBS chopped oregano
1 tsp minced garlic
Black pepper & Mustard to taste

Prep ‘em
Shred a variety of favorite summer vegetables. Choose from: cabbage, kohlrabi, carrots, beets, turnips. Flavor with: radishes, fennel, onions, green onions. After shredding, use your hands to crush the shards even more to break them up.

Cook ’em!
Toss with sugar, salt and vinegar. Let stand 30 minutes, minimum. Overnight, if you can.
Drain, toss with dressing, chill and serve

Serve ’em!
Try Parsley, Chives or Chervil
Add chicken, tuna, sunflower seeds or edamame to serve as a main meal.
Use as a sandwich topping: Pulled pork, reuben, grilled chicken, fish tacos

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