Kitchen Confidence: Storing Produce

The Morning Show

Cooking Coach Adam Wisnewski joins the Morning Show and in this week’s Kitchen Confidence he is giving us the skills to store our produce as we begin to harvest the summer fruits and vegetables.

Storing The Bounty of Summer: What To Do With All Those Fruits and Vegetables








Make the produce comfortable! Use air and water techniques to keep veggies fresh.

Most important: Eat the produce, don’t store it


Prep ’em!

“Process” items as they arrive in the house (before storing)

Remove rubber bands and ties

Wash and dry as needed (air dry or spin)

Composting is: heat, compression, moisture

Storing is the opposite: cool, airy, dry (always exceptions)


Washed and dried, air-filled bag, paper towel liner.


Washed and drained, roomy container, paper towel liner, store upside down!


Glass of water, covered, in the fridge

Basil is especially sensitive to cool/cold – so counter top

Bananas help other items ripen

Non-cherry stone fruits, avocados, tomatoes, mangoes, melons, apples, and pears – continue to ripen

Bell peppers, grapes, all citrus, and berries do best in the fridge

Serve ’em!

Don’t try to set new records for how long you can store food. Just EAT IT

There’s nothing more local than your own fridge

Have salad for lunch *and* cooked greens for dinner

Mix and match: Eat half a banana and a peach on Wednesday and the other half with berries on Thur

Commit to eating cilantro 3 out of 4 days – it tastes different on different meats/veggies/sauces


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