Kitchen Confidence: Pete’s Burgers

The Morning Show

Adam Wisnewski was on the Morning Show Thursday to teach you how to make a Wisconsin favorite for National Hamburger Day.


*1 lb ground beef, divided into 4 patties

*1 onion, sliced

* Water, enough to fill pan in a shallow bath, but not cover burgers.


* Heat water to a simmer in a large, sturdy pan

*Place sliced onions in the pan and simmer for 10 minutes

* Place hamburger patties in the water and cook until done through,
flipping once, 12 minutes total.


* Cook some link sausages in the pan, and remove them before
adding the water and onions. The extra fat will help duplicate the burger infused water on the Pete’s grill top.

* Pete’s uses salt & pepper and offers only ketchup and mustard,
but we’ll forgive you if you get out the cheese and pickles…

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