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In today’s world where being busy is a badge of honor, we miss out on what’s really important. Kelly Skinner, founder of Soul Care Urban Retreat Center, is here to tell us about a new space in Urbana where people can pause and practice self-care and spiritual wellness.

What’s Soul Care all about? • Soul Care is a co-working space for your soul • Urban Retreat Center in the heart of Urbana (near Lincoln Square Mall) • Help people practice spiritual wellness in their everyday lives • Provide space for stillness and rest • Workshops and classes and retreats for people of every background and belief • Two upcoming workshops – Vision Boarding and Bible Journaling What’s Vision Boarding and how can it help people? • Vision board = collage of words and pictures, a physical representation of goals you want to achieve. • When you hang it in a space where you see it daily, it helps visualize goals & achieve them faster • Focus on the feelings and how to get to your goal, not just the end result • Encourage ongoing reflection – not just a one-and-done experience Isn’t this a weird time to do vision boarding? • Lots of people do this at the beginning of the calendar year, but September is the new January • Trained to have a “Back to School” mindset & see August/September as the start of a new year • Choose from one of four 2-hour sessions of workshop offered to meet different schedules — Thursday, August 15 and Friday, August 16 at noon and 6 each day. Cost is $38 and includes all the supplies, collage materials, and snacks. Do you have any other events coming up? • Bible Journaling workshop on Saturday, August 24 from 10am to noon. Cost is $38 and everyone will get a starter kit to take home • A lot of people like to read the Bible. Bible Journaling is a creative way to process what is read, the insights received, and why it’s meaningful using words and pictures. • Expert in Bible journaling from Arthur, IL – Regina Yoder, co-author of Complete Guide to Bible Journaling: Creative Techniques to Express Your Faith • She’ll bring basic supplies and share how to use them to get started – don’t have to be artistic If someone is interested in learning more about Soul Care, what should they do? • Welcome everyone of all backgrounds and beliefs • Soul Care is located at 507 S. Broadway (corner of Broadway & Illinois Streets) in Urbana • Get tickets to all events at EXPERIENCESOULCARE.COM or on Facebook @soulcareexperience • Sign up for mailing list to get more information, inspiration, and invites to other events and activities.

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