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Sometimes wearing red is a fashion statement. Sometimes it’s so much more—like during Heart Month in February. The color choice helps draw attention to heart health, especially women’s heart health. Here to give us the information and tips we need is Carle cardiologist Dr. Shoba Chokkalingam. 

Let’s jump right in. Why is wearing red important to you?

· Heart disease and stroke = #1 killer

· Go Red for Women

· Power to prevent and fight

We hear so much health advice, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. What basics do we all need to know?

· Know your numbers

o Blood pressure

o Cholesterol

o Blood sugar

o BMI (height, weight)

What completely do-able changes should women make now to reduce their chance of having a heart attack?

· Stop smoking

· Choose healthier foods

o Poultry and fish; limit red meat

o Grilled and baked; avoid fried

o Blueberries, almonds as snacks

· Portion control, especially carbs

· Regular exercise; not strolling

When should we get immediate help because we might be having a heart attack?

· Chest pain, pressure

· Arm, neck, back, jaw pain

· Shortness of breath

· Excessive sweating

· Nausea, vomiting

What should people do if they’re concerned about their heart health?

· Talk with PCP

· Schedule online with

· Understand risk factors

· Make do-able changes

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