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Lauren Laws joins us to show us how sweet potatoes can be used. 

I’ve got two recipes for you, and both are fairly quick ones you can make in the morning while you’re getting ready. The first is my go-to most of the time, a sweet potato bowl. 

1 small to medium sweet potato

nut butter


nuts of your choice

Poke a sweet potato with a fork several times, and microwave for 8 minutes. Wait until it is cool enough to handle, and split it open. Scoop out the insides and put into a small bowl. Add cinnamon to taste and mix so that cinnamon is evenly distributed into the sweet potato. Top with a spoonful of a nut butter of your choice, sprinkle with nuts, and enjoy!

The second is a different take on toast. Instead of the bread, you can use a sweet potato. 

1 medium sweet potato

Toppings of your choice

Cut the sweet potato into 1/4 inch thick slices. Place in toaster on highest setting. You may have to flip and repeat several times (I usually do 3 at least) until you see brown spots on the sweet potato. Then put on your favorite toppings! I like almond butter and banana.

The good thing about sweet potatoes is that they’re full of fiber and Vitamin C. Best part though is that they’re inexpensive, so they’re easy to add to your grocery list for a healthy diet. 

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