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What To Do When You Struggle With Weight Loss
Many people recently made New Year’s resolutions to be healthier and lose weight, and many find that this is harder than it may seem. Here to talk about barriers to weight loss is Amber Loewenstein from Two Roads Wellness Clinic.
Question:  What should people do when they are really trying to lose weight but it just isn’t working?
Answer:  If people are really trying to lose weight and it’s still not happening, there are typically one of two reasons that it just isn’t happening for them:
     1.  There is a physical issue preventing weight loss, such as a sluggish thyroid.
     2.  There are emotional issues preventing the person from reaching their goals. 
Question:  How would someone know if it is a physical issue?
     Get tested, go to a functional medicine practitioner that will get to the root of the problem.
     Track other symptoms that may indicate another issue is present.
Question:  So if there is no physical concern, what next?
     That is when it is time to explore emotional barriers.
     Food is frequently tied to comfort and having your needs met.
     Pay attention to how you are feeling when tempted to stray from your healthy habits.
Question: What do you suggest for emotional concerns preventing weight loss?
     Do some exploring into the role that food plays in your life.
     Seek the assistance of a professional to help you understand and resolve these issues. 

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