Healthy Living: Smart Choices for Snack Attacks

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Beth Peralta, Registered Dietitian with University of Illinois Extension and Media Spokesperson for Illinois Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics joins us for Healthy Living. 

It’s no surprise that we all love snacks! Ninety-one percent of consumers snack multiple times per day.

However, it does not always have to be the traditional chips or candy at snack time. Snacks can fit into a healthy lifestyle when planned smart. How can we be smart when those snack attacks hit?

1. Snack when you are hungry!

o Make sure you are truly hungry before reaching for a snack. Often snacking can be a mindless activity, such as while watching TV.

2. Plan for snack time!

o Keep snacks prepped in advance! Have baby carrots and dip ready in the fridge; a baggie of popcorn in your bag for work; or cheese cubes cut and grapes washed for TV time.

3. Keep snacks simple yet tasty.

o Hummus and other dips are popular right now. You can easily make your own to save money during the week and have a tasty snack ready to go. (Make Party Hummus on-air)

Party Hummus – makes 6 servings

· 1 can garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed

· 2 cloves minced garlic

· ¼ cup lemon juice

· 1 tablespoon tahini or peanut butter

· 2 tablespoons olive oil

· 1 jalapeno pepper, finely chopped

· 2 tablespoons cilantro, finely chopped


1. Add beans, garlic, lemon juice, tahini/peanut butter, and olive oil to blender or food processor.

2. Blend ingredients together until smooth. Transfer to a medium bowl.

3. Add jalapeno and cilantro. Mix gently until combined.

4. Serve with vegetable sticks or whole-grain crackers.

Nutrition Facts (per serving): 120 calories, 7 g fat, 3 g fiber, 3 g protein, 90 mg sodium, 11 g total carbohydrates

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