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We all know that taking a break and taking care of ourselves is important, but sometimes it is hard to find the time. Here to talk about the importance of self-care is Keri Offenstein from Two Roads Wellness Clinic.

Tell us about why self-care is important.

Helps prevent us from getting run-down

Can’t take care of others or perform our duties as well if we don’t first take care of ourselves.

What are some examples of self-care?

Self-care should be individualized to the person; what works for one person doesn’t necessarily have to work for another

Range of activities, from reading a good book, to playing tennis with a friend, going out for coffee or going on a vacation—self-care doesn’t have to be luxurious or expensive

Can be how you structure your day—waking up 5 minutes earlier so you aren’t rushing out the door, having breakfast in the morning, putting your clothes out the night before (things that make you feel prepared and less stressed), making sure to bring snacks to work so you aren’t tired and hungry throughout the day

What would you tell someone who just really doesn’t have the time for self-care?

Self-care doesn’t always have to be things we add IN to our schedules, it can also be things we take OUT.

Setting boundaries and saying no to activities that drain you, or will push you because you just don’t have the time is another form of self-care.

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