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Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure that helps people get rid of something that might be bugging them: spider veins.

Here to tell us more is nurse practitioner Jamie Luecke from Carle Heart &

Vascular Institute. Thank you for being here, Jamie.

First, I’ve always wondered, what’s the difference between spider veins and varicose veins?

• Spider veins

o Purple or blue-ish

o Small, don’t cause pain

o Squiggly, reaching out

• Varicose veins

o Larger, raised above skin

o Possibly painful, problematic

o Could be sign of something serious

So, sclerotherapy is not for the more-serious varicose veins. It’s for spider veins. How does it


• Small needle

• Inject repeatedly

• Fill veins with solution

• Veins collapse, disappear

I heard you say needles. So, I have to ask. Does it hurt?

• Mild sting

• Less than a tattoo

• Less than a bee sting

What can people expect for recovery time?

• Mild bruising, if any

• Limited exercise

• Walking is good

• Compression stockings

And if someone wants to learn more about sclerotherapy, what should they do?

• Research reliable websites

• Visit, search for Vein Center

• Call 217-904-7000


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