Healthy Living: Online Mammogram Scheduling

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Let’s dive right in – we’re all so busy that preventative care seems to fall behind. How is Carle making scheduling your mammogram easier?

* Online scheduling

Who can use this system?

* MyCarle users

* Have order placed by your provider

* You can request order from their primary care physician

So how are you prompted to know you are due for this?

* Automatically pings your medical provider to order your annual mammogram, much like a postcard reminder would in the “old days”

* Now, MyCarle alerts you that you have a “ticket” to schedule your annual exam. Patients can request this from their provider

* Patients can then schedule their routine screening mammogram through MyCarle. If patients need an interpreter or have any breast problems, they will be guided to contact the scheduling center to ensure their needs are met

* Once logged in, it walks you through scheduling step–by–step

* You can also cancel or reschedule your exam should they need to

So scheduling is easier which is great. But you still have to stick to it and show up, right. What can women do to prevent breast cancer?

* Both men and women can have breast cancer

* See provider annually

* Annual screening mammograms do help with early detection of cancers

* Self-Breast Exams. If a patient feels a mass or lump, they should consult their physician

What’s the latest in self-checks, screening, and mammograms?

* Important to do regular self-checks

* Be familiar with the appearance and feel of your breasts so you are more likely to notice when there’s a change

* Get annual mammograms

* Carle offers annual 2D and 3D mammograms

Why are annual screenings so important?

* Screening mammograms are important for a few reasons.

o Changes in the breast tissue can be monitored

o Find things you can’t feel – smaller and easier to treat

o Cancers can be detected earlier

How often should these be done and at what ages?

* Starting at age 40 unless a family history is present and then the screening may be sooner in life.

* Starting at age 75 check with your provider to determine the best plan and approach

How do women sign up?

* MyCarle user can do online

* Call 217-383-3500

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