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Summertime can bring increased dangers to kids – they are outside in sun, playing the water and can be less supervised that during the school. Now is a great time for kids – and parents – to take advantage of a free course offered at Carle to keep kids safe. Tegan Stynoski, RN, BSN, CEN SANE-A, Carle Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence coordinator, is here with Jaya Kollisetty, Associate Director of RACES, to talk about the upcoming free safety course and to demonstrate some lifesaving self-defense moves.

So first off, tell us why this so important for kids to learn about personal safety?

* Have knowledge and confidence to make positive choices about their own safety

* Address common threats to kids including:

o Bullying

o Fire and emergency safety

o Water and bike safety

I understand Carle is hosting, along with RACES, a free five-day course for kids ages 5-12. What will the kiddos be learning?

* How to spot a bad touch

* When to dial 9-1-1

* Handling bullies

* How to fight back, when appropriate

So just one part of the course is self-defense, what do you say to parents who are fearful their kids may use their newly acquired skills inappropriately?

* Spend a lot of time talking about when it’s appropriate to use the physical skills

* Reinforce the concept over the five-days

Can you demonstrate a few of the self-defense moves the kids will be learning?

* 1st up Rad kids stance – step back, hands up, yell stay back or stop

* Hammer Fist – help them escape a hold

What the details and where can you learn more?

* RADkids Personal Empowerment Course

* July 9-13

* Ages 5-7 and 8-12



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