Healthy Living: Heat tips

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Summer is truly here, and with it comes a host of dangers associated with heat. Here to help us stay safe is Jimmy Zindars from Carle Arrow Ambulance.

What can this extreme heat do to people?

·        Wear out more quickly

·        Dehydration

·        Heat exhaustion

·        Heat stroke

Who is most at risk?

·        Older people

·        Babies and small children

·        People with chronic conditions

How can we protect ourselves – and our neighbors?

·        Drink plenty of water

·        Be outside early and late in the day

·        Check on loved ones, neighbors

·        Exercise inside instead

What symptoms should we watch for in ourselves and others?

·        Tired or weak

·        Muscle cramps

·        Dizziness or lightheaded

·        Lack of sweating

·        Hard, fast heartbeat

What should we do if we experience those symptoms?

·        Drink water

·        Try to cool down

·        When to call 911

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