DR. CHOKKALINGAM: How serious is heart disease, especially in women?

·        Number 1 killer

·        Kills one in four women

·        One woman per minute dies

·        Affects women of all kinds

·        Work to get odds in our favor

DR. WIARDA: How can perimenopause and/or menopause affect a woman’s heart health?

·        Estrogen helps blood vessels

o   Smoother lining

o   Greater elasticity

·        As we age, estrogen decreases

·        Blood flow through body changes

·        Increases risk of heart and stroke

DR. CHOKKALINGAM: How do women know if what they’re experiencing is a normal part of the menopause continuum or a serious heart risk?

·        Sweating, hot flashes

·        Lack of energy

·        Trouble sleeping

·        Weight gain

·        Chest pain less common in women

·        PCP order tests, help distinguish difference

DR. WIARDA: What changes can women make today to do more to protect their hearts?

·        The sooner the better

·        Understand and manage

o   Cholesterol levels

o   Blood pressure

o   BMI

·        Regular doctor visits

·        Watch what eat and drink

·        Get regular exercise that works the heart

·        Stop smoking