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You hear sirens. You move quickly and carefully out of the way. But unless you need ambulance services, you might not think much about the life-changing work the highly trained experts on that ambulance perform day and night. Here to tell us more is Jimmy Zindars from Carle Arrow Ambulance. Glad to have you here, Jimmy. Let’s jump right in.

How long have you been in the emergency healthcare field, and what do you do today?

* 24 years at Carle

* Paramedic

* Operations manager

* Responds to serious calls

What do you and other paramedics and EMTs find rewarding about your work?

* Helping people and saving lives

* Providing proficient pre-hospital care

* Recent boost to pay and benefits

* Work/life balance – average of 10 days per month

As important as this work is, it’s not for everyone. What makes a successful paramedic or EMT?

* Desire to help, jump in, problem solve

* Every call is different

* From flu to heart attack, stroke and traumatic injury

* Non-emergency transports

* Camaraderie and team work

What training is required? How does Carle Arrow help?

* Two years to become paramedic

* First, EMT-Basic

* Carle Regional Emergency Medical Services and Parkland

* One-year paramedic program

* Classes and clinical experience

* Good exposure, variety of areas

What would you tell anyone considering a career in Emergency Medical Services (EMS)?

* Reach out to Carle Arrow Ambulance

* Spend day a with us

* See what it’s really like

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