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Carle Illinois’ College of Medicine is off to a busy summer welcoming its second class earlier this month and now the launch of a new clinic giving students and patients the opportunity to build a long-term strong relationship. With us today is Dr. Kristine Carpenter, a Family Medicine physician and the clinic lead to give the details. What conditions or symptoms are best for this clinic? • Ideal patient is one who isn’t in a rush or who needs a little extra time with a provider • Someone seeking care outside traditional clinic hours How long does a visit last and what happens at it? • Appointments are required and typically last one hour • The medical student sees the patient and takes their vitals and conducts a physical exam • The student consults with a Carle physician who oversees their care, reviews the case, and sees the patient • The students are the primary caregivers How does being run by students make this clinic different? • Traditional medical schools offer hands-on experiences to third-and fourth-year students or during residency • Opportunity for patients to follow a patient for a longer time • Most medical school clinical rotations are short (4-12 weeks) this is potentially an 18-month relationship • Carle Illinois is changing the game by helping prepare our physicians sooner Dr. Carpenter, tell me a bit more about how the student-physician relationship works and how it benefits all – the student and patient? • Students will connect with only two to three patients per shift • Can follow the patient for the next 18 months to help manage their health needs or monitor for needed further specialty care How are the student clinic visits billed? • The same as a normal physician office visit • Cost to the patient varies by insurance. Contact your insurance company with coverage questions • Financial assistance is available Where do I go for more information and to make an appointment? • Call (217) 365-3850 • Visit Details for on screen: Carle Illinois College of Medicine Clinic Located at Carle Champaign on Curtis, 1701 W Curtis Road M-T 5:40 – 9 p.m. Call (217) 365-3850 for an appointment

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