Healthy Living: Benefits of giving back

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What are the benefits of giving back?

* Health Benefits

o Lowers blood pressure

o Lower risk of dementia

o Helps to manage chronic pain

o Generosity is linked to longer life expectancy

* Mental Health Benefits

o Lowers risk of anxiety and depression, as well as dementia

o Reduces anxiety in the moment

o Giving activates the brain’s “reward system” and releases dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin

* Social Benefits

o Improves the lives and well-being of others

o Strengthens communities

o Can prompt others to give back (“pay it forward”)

o Can lead to new relationships and connections

We all know that donating money is one way to give. But what are some other ways?

* Donate time: there are several organizations that need volunteers, such as animal shelters, hospitals, homeless shelters, nursing homes, hospice care, mentoring programs, and libraries

* Donate your skills, such as financial planning for low income families, or using a medical background to volunteer in a clinic for uninsured patients

* Donate items you no longer use, such as clothing, furniture, household items, children’s toys, or books

* Donate blood, especially if you have a rare or universal blood type

What are some ways that those who are short on time can give back?

* Find ways to work generosity and giving into activities that you are already doing, such as organizing a fundraiser or charity drive at your job

* Talk to your employer about creating an employer gift-matching program, where your employer can match contributions you and other employees make to charity

* If you attend a church or other community organization regularly, this is a great space to organize others to work on charity projects together

* Many credit card companies offer charity-focused cards, which give back set amounts to charities of your choice, in lieu of rewards

If someone wants to get in contact with you, how can they do it?

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