Two young farm kids from opposite ends of Illinois met in Central Illinois at college, and decided to set up shop in a novel kind of farm life in Dewitt county. Stu Ellis has their story in our harvest heritage report.

Stu Ellis

Greg Anderson grew up on a truck farm in northern Illinois and his wife Mariah came from a southern Illinois livestock farm. But the compromise in their marriage turned out to be Triple M farm, south and east of Clinton.

Mariah Anderson

We both worked in agriculture and we were kind of longing to do something on our own. We actually knew some individuals that had a pumpkin farm so we thought, hey, here’s an opportunity to grow a value-added product for their farm, so we started with 300 mums that first year and ten years later we are growing 15 thousand fall mums.

Greg Anderson

We’re celebrating 10 years this year, so we’ve got some neat activities to promote on the farm throughout the year. About 5 years ago when we came up with Mariah’s Mums, we’re known as Triple M farm, Mariah’s Mums and More and Mariah asked why should we say more? So I said you never know what you’re going to get into.


As Greg mentioned, a lot of different experiences, whether you want to come out for your annual mum-fest which is the second Sunday of September or our farm to flavors dinners, we have a lot of different opportunities for you to come out and enjoy this unique special farm that is right here in the heart of corn and soybeans here in Dewitt county.


We’ve developed a passion about what we provide to the customer. Mariah and I, whenever we think about our business plan we always view from the customer’s perspective. And I think that why we have grown the way we have too. and one thing I learned from multiple generations is, its not an easy job but there is someone willing to do it.

Stu Ellis

A great story with a bright future. That’s our harvest heritage report on Triple M farm. I’m stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.