Harvest Heritage: Stoutenborough Farms

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MAROA, Ill. (WCIA) — Many generations of the Stoutenborough family have lived and worked on a dominant farmstead on the west side of Maroa, along U.S. Route 51.

Now, that includes Jim Stoutenborough and his son Tyler’s family.

“My great-great-grandfather settled here in 1862,” says Jim Stoutenborough. “My great-grandfather started the farming when he was about 20 and they built this house, the farmstead here on 51 in 1901.

“And that’s where my granddad was born and raised, my dad was born and raised, I was born and raised there, my son Tyler, and his son CJ. So we’ve had 6 generations in this household.”

WCIA: Tyler, do you hear any of your ancestors talking to you at anytime?

“You hear a lot of them,” says Tyler Stoutenborough. “You walk through the old barns, you see things they’ve done and the concrete they’ve poured. They’ve built a great foundation for us.”

WCIA: What sort of feeling does that give to you that you are that many generations down in this family line?

“Ton of pride,” he says. “Ton of pride to say that I have the last name that settled here and put their life’s work into this place.”

WCIA: What did you learn from your dad?

“A lot,” he says. “Some good habits and some bad habits. Be a good steward to the land and take care of your livestock is probably the two most important things. That will get you a long ways in life..”

Jim Stoutenborough says his cattle are a cut above.

“We’ve tried to raise purebred cattle to show and promote beef most importantly,” Jim Stoutenborough says. “But I’ve got a granddaughter, that has showed successfully for 5 or 6 years named Kaley, and CJ is going to show this year this first time.”

WCIA: What is your message flowing down the generation line?

“I would just like to see them continue on and keep improving especially with the modern technologies that we have today,” he says. “There’s so many opportunities for them to develop such a great way of life.”

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