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The stress that weather has put on farmers this spring has cut the planting season in half. That means a 20 hour work day for many of them. One is Jim Snow, Junior, who farms 3,000 acres of corn and soybeans in the Macon and Mt. Zion area. Stu Ellis has more in this morning’s Harvest Heritage.

Stu Ellis

And Jim, Junior would not have it any other way.

Jim Snow Junior

Its more of a calling than a decision to do what I do. I believe the Lord put me in a position to raise food for people to eat. I get to work with God’s creation every day. I get to see where food actually comes from, which the majority of the public doesn’t have that opportunity, which is a country lifestyle and I wanted my kids to be brought up in a rural setting and learn the values of chores and hard work outside of the home and be able to experience what nature has to offer just like I have been able to over these years. :51

Stu Ellis

His Dad, Jim Senior, passed along his wisdom

Jim Snow Senior

There’s a lot of outside things that pull against you and pull for you and basically we just want to stress you want to stay in the saddle and pull forword as best you can. 22

Stu Ellis

And Jim Junior is willing to share his knowledge as well to guide the future of the family farm.

Jim Snow Junior

It is very prudent to plan and I’m in that process. I’ve got four daughters, none of them are extremely interested in the farm, not to say they won’t be down the road. I utilize help from Meridian High School. I’ve had some young men who are interested in FFA and agriculture come out and work with me all summer and I teach them a lot of things and they learn a lot about agronomics and marketing and just plain old hard work. I see that minimally as the future. :32

Stu Ellis

That’s our harvest heritage report on Snow Farms at Elwin. Im stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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