Harvest Heritage: Jubilee Farms

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It is very common to find that farmers and farm families have a strong faith. But it is very uncommon to find a farm that also doubles as a church. And Stu Ellis found it, just south of Clinton.

Stu Ellis

Cyndy Ash is the “farmher” at Jubilee Farm, which sells shares of its produce known as community supported agriculture. But she is also an ordained pastor within the United Church of Christ.

Cyndy Ash

Jubilee Farm started growing the same time I was in seminary, so I was farming a very small amount of acreage; and I was in seminary I was told over and over I was someone who would be that would take a traditional call. So as I was proceeding through seminar which is a 5 year program the farm kept growing bigger and when I graduated seminary I had several people approach me and ask if I had ever thought about creating a farm church. So we are one of the first farm churches in the country, specifically within my denomination the UCC.

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