Harvest Heritage: Helping family and other farmers

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POTOMAC, Ill. (WCIA) — Bryan Severs of Potomac says he learned farming from his father and grandfather.

“Now, I’ve got two guys here when they take over from me when they send me to Florida and I retire,” says Severs.

WCIA: So they would be the fourth generation on the farm.

“Yep, they would be the fourth generation on the farm,” says Severs. “What I learned mostly from my father and my grandfather was to take good care of the ground and to work hard and at the end of the day to make sure everything is taken care of correctly.

“Don’t try to abuse anything. Try to make a good living for you and your family, and you can pass it on down one of these days.”

Bryan’s knowledge is flowing down to son Nicholas.

“Everything that I know today about working on stuff, planting the seeds, I learned almost all of it from him,” Nicholas Severs says. “He’s taught me about all that I know.”

The operation is focused on specialty grain.

“We’re a decent sized farm that grows corn and soybeans,” says Michael Severs. “We grow regular corn, food grade, and we also operate non-GMO soybeans. Since we specialize in non-GMO soybeans, we pride ourselves on clean fields.”

Brian Severs is a director for the Illinois Soybean Growers and appeared in a video about non-GMO beans for its Agribusiness Management Program.”

“Now, I have grown to 100% non-GMO beans,” says Brian Severs. “It’s a lot of work but that premium helps sustain our farming operation. The AMP Program is a great resource for farmers, it can help in lots of ways for our family farm. If you have questions about marketing, technology, things like that, it’s a good program to go to, to be a successful family farm.”

“In my eyes, what’s important is family and taking care of the farm,” Brian Severs continues. “We want the farm to be there for everybody. We feed a lot of people.”

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