Harvest Heritage: Five Points Farm

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COLES COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The year was 1840 when the Doty family arrived in Coles County.

If you have traveled through Coles Station, between Mattoon and Sullivan, you have gone past the farm of John Doty.

John Doty and his son JC blend numerous civic obligations along with farming for 11 different land owners, but their farm history is relatively recent.

“I’m really a first generation farmer,” says John Doty. “My Dad was in the car business, and I had 2 uncles that were farmers.

“My grandfather was a carpenter up at Cooks Mill, and I just loved to go out to the farm there and that’s kind of how I got my start-up there. I was in the grain business for the first three years when I first got out of school. Got an opportunity to come back here and work for a farmer. 

“His exit strategy was to retire in 2 years and he did, and I took over that operation, which I was very grateful for — and have expanded on it since then.  

“Five points is located about a mile and a half west of here on 121 and all the locals always call that five points, So we named our farm, Five Points Farm Inc.  When I started working for Charlie, he had that M tractor and I bought that tractor when I took over and I’ve had it ever since.”

While the tractor may be retired, JC Doty says he’s not allowing his Dad to do that too.

“So I tell him he’s got no retirement plans,” says JC Doty. “He’s going to be around as long as he can be here.”

Their latest joint venture is cover crops.

“Good for the soil, good for water control, weed control, and I’m using cereal rye this year, although I might try something different next year,” says JC Doty. “But we had the opportunity to drill it this year, which is the most efficient way of getting it to grow. Like to keep the soil where it’s supposed to be at and keep what needs to be in the soil where it’s at and keep the soil where it’s at and not lose more than what we have to lose.”

“If we take care of the land, it will take care of us,” says John Doty.

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