Harvest Heritage: Clint Gorden

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A young man who grew up around agriculture, but did not get to start out farming, is cutting a wide swath into the world of agribusiness while he tries to build his own farming career, is the focus of our harvest heritage report. Stu Ellis visits with this agribusiness star who makes every hour of the day count…

Clint Gorden

I always looked for a way to get back to the farm and selling seed and helping farmers is a way for me to get back to the farm. And now I have the best of both worlds and can do that and farm.

Stu Ellis

That’s Clint Gorden who farms a few acres in the Blue Mound and Niantic area, but applies his knowledge of 8 different ag companies to help other farmers

Clint Gorden

It makes me more useful to the customer and helpful. I know what they are talking about and I know how to troubleshoot when they give me a call. I am not just a seed rep, I can help them with multiple things and hopefully help them succeed across their whole operation.

Stu Ellis

Clint works with Scott Brockelsby of Advanced Ag Services

Scott Brockelsby

He has a true passion in agriculture, but on top of that he has a true servant heart. We’re not just selling a product or service or anything, we’re trying to help people better their operations. Its hard to find young people who have that natural ability and Clint has that.

Clint Gorden

I’ve got lenders, other ag industry representatives, farmers, professionals in the ag industry outside of it that are even watching me and are always there to help and reminding me to give them a call. I think they want to make sure that I succeed because I am working so hard at it and I thank them for that.

The future will be busy. I want to grow the farm and see where that leads me, and if that is the path I end up going down, I will be happy. But if ag business is the path I am going down, I will be happy with that too.

Stu Ellis

That’s our harvest heritage report on Clint Gorden, whose life is also filled with community service. I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader

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