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Harvest is in full swing in central Illinois and that includes a family farming operation headquartered between Warrensburg and Harristown. WCIA 3’s ag reporter Stu Ellis has their story in Wednesday morning’s harvest heritage report.

Stu Ellis
Macon, Logan, Sangamon, Dewitt, and Piatt counties mark the farming territory of Mike Bruntjen and his sons, but it all began with the help of a young country lawyer…

Mike Bruntjen
I grew up in Illiopolis and that is where the Baker family, my mom’s side, originally settled, and the man who did the legal work for that was Abraham Lincoln before he became famous. We’re talking early 1850’s.

Stu Ellis
Mike said his sons Adam and Eric make most of the management decisions…

Eric Bruntjen
We are primarily just corn and beans, we are not going any food grade crops just yet. We spend a lot of time in the off-season working on our properties, typically putting in our filter strips and just general care for erosion concerns and things of that nature. The dirt is too good to wash it down the riverside so we do what we can to keep it, and keep it in good shape.

Mike Bruntjen
It doesn’t matter if you farm the land for people in Florida, Maryland, Texas, which I do presently, but we all farm for the Good Lord, and I feel so fortunate to be able to do this job. And it gives me goose bumps.

Stu Ellis
And he considers his many employees to be part of an extended family….

Mike Bruntjen
It’s a family farm. They don’t have to be all related to be family to me. And we’re supporting a lot of people here. We have 9 full time employees, several part time, and everyone I care about and I check on daily. Its faith, family, the land, that’s what we’re about.

Stu Ellis
That’s our Harvest Heritage report on the Bruntjen Ag Group. I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader

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