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Students are moving in on the U of I campus and that means trash will soon be filling up dumpsters across the campus. Tyler Rotche and Jeremiah Jaimes with Dump and Run stopped by to tell us how we can help out.


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ON AIR GUESTS AND TITLES: Tyler Rotche, Student Engagement Program Coordinator

Jeremiah Jaimes, Dump & Run Intern

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Every year as students move out for the summer, apartments turn over, and we all start our spring cleaning, our dumpsters, curbs, and landfills brim with items, many of which are still useable. Dump and Run seeks to salvage those items and provide low cost, high quality items to community members.

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What exactly is Dump and Run? Dump and Run is a community recycling program that keeps over 20 tons of used, quality goods out of Champaign-Urbana’s dumpsters and landfills each year. Every year during student move out, we collect items from the dorms and apartments, sort them, and pack them away for the big sale in August.

How does Dump and Run benefit the community? This project reduces litter and consumer waste, saves space in landfills, lowers dumping costs for certified housing and apartments and provides inexpensive items for folks to purchase in the fall.

How can people get involved? There are three ways you can participate. (1) Donate. Drop off gently used items at the Stock Pavilion from August 14-18. (2) Volunteer – help us set up for the big sale by collecting, unpacking and pricing items. (3) Shop. All proceeds from the sale on August 25 and 26 benefit programs of the University YMCA, but also by buying used goods, you reduce the amount of future waste that will enter our landfills.


August 8-10, 9-4

August 13 – 17, 9-4

*August 15 9-7

August 18, 9-12

August 20 -24, 9-4

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