Chuck Bell has been a donor his whole life and in Chuck’s case, that means that he has been donating blood for well over 70 years!!

Chuck began donating blood at the ripe old age of 15 years old (which is 1 year prior to what is allowed for donors to currently to give) when he learned that his Grandfather was dying of stomach cancer.  At that time, people were still allowed to donate blood on a family member’s behalf so that they wouldn’t be charged for blood while they were in the hospital.  That was Chuck’s initial motivation for giving but it didn’t stop after that. A little later in life, Chuck was in the armed forces service, and donated regularly there as well.  In the service, they were aware of Chuck’s blood type (which is B positive) and on occasion, even woke him up in the middle of the night to donate, if the need arose for his blood type.  Chuck and his brother both worked for General Motors in Danville for 40+ years. Both men were regular donors during this time. Then came the need for Chuck’s brother to be on the receiving end of blood donations when he was diagnosed with Leukemia later in life.  Chuck’s brother eventually succumbed to the disease but even near the end, his life was extended due to blood donations.

Chuck is an enthusiastic blood donor, who at 88 years old, believes that just about anyone can donate blood if he does….and he highly encourages them to do so.