From the Farm: Vo-Ag students teach fellow classmates

The Morning Show

MAROA, Ill. (WCIA) — It was a hands-on event for the students of Vo-Ag instructor Cassie Crouch

“We ended up and set up two lab stations for the two different groups of junior high kids that were coming over,” says Crouch. “One of them is on wetlands and watersheds, and the other is on erosion and I mean we play a huge role in the conservation of land in general, so the kids, it was really all-encompassing when they got it together on their papers and started planning this event. So it all fit together.”

Using dyed water and three-dimensional plastic trays, the students of Mrs. Crouch taught the younger ones.

“This represents like rain and is going to show the water running down,” says Emma, a student. “And you can see once you have enough water on it, it’s going to start forming lakes and ponds, and river systems, and then it will run.

“These are called tributaries right here, and these are going to form into lakes and go out into big bodies of water, like oceans and stuff.”

Instructor Crouch says her vo-ag students spent the day studying the retention pond at Maroa Forsyth High School as a recruitment opportunity for vo-ag classes.

“The kids have really taken this and coming off all our restrictions, they were excited to have an event where they could get the junior high kids over here, expose them to the projects we normally do, and get them excited about coming into high school next year,” says Crouch.

Their main interest was shocking the retention pond to see what type of fish were there.

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