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When US Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue was in the Champaign area on Tuesday, farmers urged him to send the White House a message that trade needed to be restored.  But others spoke up on farmers behalf to ensure they received the promised trade mitigation payments.  Stu Ellis has our report From the Farm.

Stu Ellis 
Reverend Dennis Hughes of Warrensburg said his farmer parishioners had heard the full payment would not come…
Rev. Dennis Hughes
I think on behalf of the farmers and their good faith in this administration we need to go ahead and let them know that, that payment will be made and that’s going to go a long way to have them keep the faith in our administration.
Stu Ellis
And Secretary Purdue clarified his remarks which had cast doubt on the second half of the payment
Secretary Perdue
I wanted to do the second one by the middle of October, they asked me to delay later. But again, we always had the commitment, I think most farmers would rather have a restored trade deal than a government check.  That is certainly what we are hoping to do. (applause).  Frankly my goal is to continue to put pressure on our negotiators to say we want trade and while this money is somewhat mitigation, its not going to make people whole, but it will help tide us over a little bit, so we really want trade.  If we got all that restored, and the trade mitigation went away, and beans go back up two dollars a bushel or something that way, I think you can understand.  We would love to have that happen, but we really don’t know whether it will or not.  But that is really the context of this second payment.  We are going to look at things as they go.  I don’t see a lot of change, right now, that would damage that hope.
Stu Ellis
That’s our report from the farm.  I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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