From the Farm: Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week

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(WCIA) — Every year, several dozen people are either entrapped or engulfed in a grain bin, with tragic results. This week, there’s a major effort to increase grain safety awareness.

Across the Corn Belt, farmers and grain workers will be linked to a virtual safety training program for a couple of hours each morning designed to save their lives.

“This is for anybody who has to interact with grain storage and handling systems,” says Salah Issa, U of I. Ag Engineer and program coordinator. “Farmers, users, farm-workers, grain industry workers, managers, and so on.

“On Monday we’re going to be demonstrating the various hazards associated with grain storage and handling,” Issa says. “On Tuesday we’ll be discussing near miss reporting, and how to build a near miss reporting program.

“On Wednesday we’ll talk about quality of grain and how that links directly to grain entrapment. On Thursday we’re going to cover other hazards of grain handling and storage facilities, and Friday we’ll talk about emergency planning and end with a special guest from OSHA to talk about the emphasis of programs related to COVID-19.

“This is fully virtual. Everybody can just sign up to it. They can go to Stand Up 4 Grain and register directly for this event.”

WCIA: The reason farm families should participate is because of the dozens of deaths and entrapments every year in grain bins.

“The last few years we have seen an increase, so the latest data we have was in 2019 where we see 38 incidents,” says Issa, “but generally we have seen a lot of these incidents directly correlated with the weather and how harvest occurs and we tend to see between 20 to 24 incidents per year.”

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