From the Farm: Secretary of Agriculture

The Morning Show

(WCIA) — Agriculture exists in every state and the Secretary of Agriculture ends up being one of the more well-traveled members of the presidential cabinet.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says from what he has seen traveling around the US, he’s quite confident of a bright future for American agriculture.

“What I saw across the country, north-south, east-west, was a heart and a spirit that embodied that American spirit that built this country,” Perdue says. “And that’s what thrills me.  I not only saw it in the older farm generation. I saw it in the young people with a future of technology and an understanding of how our technology can make us go even further to feed this world hunger.

“The world is depending on the United States of America. When we see what is proposed in Europe is the farm to fork and going backward rather than forward, it’s the young people of American who are going to create the methods to feed us, whatever method that is. Consumers will ultimately determine what it is about what they want and how they want. 

“I think the transparency that young people bring to the process. My generation of farmers, we were just trained to stay behind the farm gate and do a good job and not talk about it. We can no longer afford to do that. We’ve got to talk about what we’re doing, how we’re doing. How we are growing the food. What’s in it. Why it’s nutritious and healthy and those kind of things.

“This younger generation is obviously more attuned to social media, but I also think they are better communicators than my generation of farmers have been in that way. So I think the future is bright. I am very hopeful.  There are some amazing young people out there that are going to do some amazing things that we can’t even think about now.”

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