From the Farm: Rebounding from Flooding

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The devastating flooding across rural Nebraska and parts of Iowa, Missouri, and neighboring states has jeopardized the future of some farmland, washed out roads and bridges, and halted rural agribusiness. Stu Ellis has a look at one industry which has been seriously impacted.

Stu Ellis

ADM has a major corn processing plant at Columbus, Nebraska, along the Platte River west of Omaha. Chris Cuddy, is president of ADM’s division operating the plant, and says people have suffered, as well as agribusiness..

Chris Cuddy

Its been really devastating for a lot of the folks in rural Nebraska, as we’ve seen these rivers have flooded and have taken out a lot of infrastructure around roads and bridges and railroads. Its had a really large effect on our employees, our colleagues and teammates in that part of the world. As I told you earlier just in the sense of not only getting to work but getting their kids to school, or get to a grocery store or get to a doctor. So, ah, its been really difficult for those families, farm families, as well as just people living in rural Nebraska and their ability to go through their daily activity, so we really have been keen on keeping track of them and helping them in anyway we can. We’ve given I think a hundred grand to the Red Cross just this last week we announced and hopefully that goes to good use as I know those people will spend their money wisely when it comes to natural events. Its also affected the facility that we have, not just ADM, but the rural ag infrastructure as they go to bring raw materials in, whether it be corn, or soybeans, or even coal for power, but getting product out as those major infrastructures have been damaged.

And we are even starting to see it on the Mississippi River in places like Clinton, Iowa, ass that river comes up and the crest is on its way and our ability to load barges, and even some of the railroads have embargoed our plant. We’re working through it.

Stu Ellis

That’s our report from the Farm, I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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