From the Farm: Precision Conservation Management

The Morning Show

(WCIA) — Illinois Pork producers recently announced it contributed nearly 100,000 pounds of ground pork to food banks, thanks to financial help from the corn and soybean organizations.

This cooperative trend has been growing.

Corn and soybean checkoff programs were established to promote research and market development.  But the Illinois Soybean and Corn Boards are pooling their money for some much different ways for the betterment of agriculture, says Soybean Board chairman Doug Schroeder.

“Recently we just partnered with corn for the Precision Conservation Management Program,” Schroeder says. “This is something that every Illinois farmer, whether you are a corn farmer or a soy farmer, you are going to face.

“We need data to take to the powers that be to show that we are doing a good job of conserving the soil we have, doing it efficiently, effectively, and the more information we have the better off for our farming enterprises. We are hopefully training farmers how to do it better, how to do it profitably, to show them what might work on their specific soil type, on their specific farm, so this is a new thing but it is one we are really excited about.”

Corn Board Chairman Dirk Rice says all farmers will benefit from their joint efforts.

“They are farmers just like we are,” Rice says. “I mean, I know a lot of them, a lot of the goals we work for, you start taking transportation issues, locks and dams, issues like that, that’s where we’ve been rowing the same boat there for a long time.

“A lot of, you get into environmental issues, nutrient issues, we really deal with the same issues. We come at it from a different angle sometimes, but yes, as you mentioned, all our growers, for the most part, everyone grows corn and soybeans, so it makes sense for the two organizations to work together as much as we can.”

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