From the Farm: Planting season

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MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Tuesday was a great planting day — and was it ever noisy beside that planter.

Pete Pistorius farms just to the southwest of Decatur, and was out early planting crops in the ground.

WCIA: Pete, its early April here. Is this a normal time that you are planting soybeans?

“It’s probably earlier than we typically plant any soybeans,” says Pistorius. “But the conditions are really good, temperatures are good. Ground is working nice. So we thought it’s a good time to go.”

WCIA: You’ve got a good forecast ahead, generally, and they should be popping out of the ground quickly.

“We do,” he says. “It’s relatively good. There’s no major cold fronts coming through. A little bit of moisture, but nothing to be concerned about. So we thought it would be a good time to get out and get an early start on the beans.”

WCIA: Any seed treatments? What’s on that real estate?

“We use seed treatments on all of our soybeans. So we have a fungicide and an insecticide, and we are using a product called ILeVO which will help against sudden death,” says Pistorius. “So we’re putting a full boat on those things to get as much protection as we can in case we would have some cold weather coming at us.”

WCIA: Are you going to overlap planting with corn, or how is that going to be scheduled?

“Right now, we are kind of holding back on the corn planting,” he says. “Maybe just waiting to see if we have a longer warm forecast. But I would kind of say if things hold as they are within the next week we’ll be planting corn, as well as soybeans.”

WCIA: You’ve got some early soybeans going in. It may be a good opportunity for some early deliveries ahead of everybody in the rush this fall.

“Planting early is as much of a risk management tool as planting late in the year,” says Pistorius. “We need to spread our risk throughout the year, maybe we can get some of this stuff planted early, and maybe it will open us up for some early markets when we get them in this fall.”

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