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Technology is increasing rapidly in farming operations, allowing producers to be more efficient and to cut costs, in times when commodity market prices are limiting profitability. But technology costs money and that is an issue explored by Stu Ellis in today’s From the Farm.

Stu Ellis

Technology can save money, but it also can cost money, says McLean farmer Jacob Wade, a speaker at a recent Illinois Soybean Association conference. And he says for him to adopt a new technology it has to provide a return on investment…

Jacob Wade

You may not have to see any return on investment, but if it is something that cost you money, it just pretty much comes down to a pencil for me there, I like to see double what I am putting into something to be the investment on technology.

Stu Ellis

Wade uses field data recording, precision tools, and drone monitoring of crop health. But he says one has to ensure he is getting the most possible benefit from any given technology.

Jacob Wade

Fieldview is something that we have been around and using for a while, but within the last couple of years I feel I have just started to use it for its full potential. And I think that is something a lot of people miss is they have this technology they don’t utilize to the full potential and what I have utilized has been able to narrow down certain areas in fields and keep track of them during the whole growing season and keep track of every application so there is several things that has allowed me to do that I wasn’t taking advantage of before.

Stu Ellis

Wade farms with his father, who he says has a positive outlook for technology…

Jacob Wade.

I am very fortunate, he is a very encouraging partner. He started out with precision planting when they were first born, and so he has allowed us to keep progressing and he has allowed me to adopt several new technologies onto the farm.

Stu Ellis

That’s our report from the farm. I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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