From the Farm: Making Illini feed

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URBANA-CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Michaela Braun is the manager at the U of I Feed Tech Center, which replaces the old facility near the State Farm Center.  She is newly minted from Kansas State University and its famous grain processing curriculum.  She says feed production at Illinois begins with research corn produced on the South Farms.

“As we receive corn, the first place it’s going to go is in our storage bins,” says Braun. “And it will be there for as long as we store it, which will be for a year at most. We’re not a long-term storage facility. Once we are ready to use that corn we’ll reclaim it back to our hammer mill. We can grind it, make it more available and easier to digest for the animal. 

“Once we’ve got it ground we are ready to include it into a diet.  We’ll include the corn into whatever ration we get from the farms, the research group, whoever is providing that diet for us. we’ll include that amount of ground corn. It will remix into a ration.

“From there it is either ready to be loaded out, bagged into bagged feed, or we can also pellet it here. That will be the only step after that we could follow that corn through the process. But then even after it is pelleted we are still ready to load it out and take it to the animal, whether that means on a truck or in a bag.

“So if we are going to be bagging it, once it is mixed we are going to be directly transferred over to our bagging line. And once it is on the bagging line, we’ll put it in a 50 pound, brown paper feed sack and we’ll label it with what the diet is and there we’ll have our stacking room stack it, and from there we’ll load it on a truck, take it to where ever it belongs and eventually it will be fed to an animal.”

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