From the Farm: Illinois Soybean Association providing lunch seminars on trade

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The Illinois Soybean Association has embarked on an educational campaign to inform farmers about the importance of trade.

To get their attention, ethnic lunches have been served to farmers while planting.

Rachel Peabody is the Director of Communications with the Illinois Soybean Association and was serving lunch to Jeff Brown and his planting crew.

“In my career, I’ve delivered food to the field many times, but this is the first time we’ve done it with this kind of twist,” Rachel says, “because the trade and export space is so important to Illinois soybean farmers, in fact two out of every three rows of Illinois soybeans go overseas ultimately, we wanted to note that to Illinois farmers.

“So our team at ISA is delivering lunches to the field and the lunches are themed from the countries that are major importers of US soybeans. So today we’re here in Boody, Ill., and we bought Mexican food to our friends the Browns here in Boody and we are talking about how Mexico is the number two importer of US soybeans.”

Jeff Brown learned Mexico will import 228 million bushels of soybeans this year from the US.

“I’ve had a lot of lunches brought to me Stu, but none quite like this,” he says.

WCIA: What’s different about this today?

“Well first of all, it’s Mexican, and we appreciate the Illinois soybean Association bringing us lunch today,” Brown says. “To represent where soybeans are bought from Illinois and where they all go to. It’s kind of neat to see the countries where they all go to. Luckily, Mexico, so we got Mexican today, so that’s nice.”

WCIA: Some 630 million bushels of soybeans head out of Illinois, so some of your soybeans have gone down to Mexico, and China, and a lot of other places.

“Yes, over the years they have gone all over the world,” says Brown. “It is sometimes odd to understand that, but they have gone a lot of places.”

And because of export demand, USDA reported Wednesday only 120 million bushels will be left at the end of this marketing year, pushing up soybean prices yesterday to $16.42 for the July futures contract, but off a little overnight.

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