From the Farm: FFA Week at Meridian High School

The Morning Show

MACON, Ill. (WCIA) (WCIA) — It’s FFA Week at Meridian High School. Chapter President Cole Rappe and Treasurer Austin Clark are telling WICIA why do they celebrate FFA week.

“We celebrate FFA week to get our current FFA members excited about FFA, and also to recruit more FFA members within the school,” Rappe says.

WCIA tells Clark that it seems like this happens every year at this same time and asks him, “What is the significance about this week?”

“Yep, the 22nd is actually George Washington’s birthday and George Washington, we use him in FFA as kind of a symbol,” Clark says. “It says in our opening ceremonies that he kept his accounts accurately and we use him as a symbol and he was involved in FFA. He was a farmer.”

WCIA asks Rappe, what sort of activities do you have going on this week?

“We have a hay bale toss and corn, buckets of corn we are going to curl and we’ve also got drive your tractor to school day on Friday and various dress-up days every day throughout the week,” Rappe says.

A lot of celebration is happening at Meridian High School — check back as WCIA will be joining different chapters each morning for FFA week.

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