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Today’s agriculture is a very high tech business. And it’s a very expensive business when large farming operations find the need to become more efficient. But how do farmers evaluate technology options when it comes to spending tens of thousands of dollars for new technology.

Stu Ellis found several of those types of farmers and asked that question…

Stu Ellis

How do farmers make decisions on technology adoption? Speakers at an Illinois Soybean Association conference yesterday indicated some commonality in decision making.

Jacob Wade

To some degree it comes down to just a gut instinct of whether I think it will work or not, but there’s several things to be evaluated whether is it something that I can put on a piece of paper right now that I can show a return on investment, or is it is something that might be an efficiency thing, or a knowledge thing or a piece of mind because a piece of mind thing for a farmer can mean a lot too.

Steve Pitstick

But as a farmer I’m looking at it, going, ehhh, I don’t know that I need it, I don’t know that I believe you, so those types of things are hard to put a hard number ROI on, it’s a lot of fuzzy math, so we’ve got to back to the gut. Is this a gut feel that this is addressing the problem, and is it worth a thousand dollars or two thousand dollars or whatever it might be to help me fix the problem.

Ken Dalenberg

Gut feeling is a big thing in the agriculture technology because a lot of times experience and years of being over the same field many times; we know as much or more we know as much or more about a field in our head if you will as there is through telematics, and so with years like this the spring of 2019 and all the problems farmers faced a lot of it is gut feel and trying to make the right decision.

Stu Ellis

Gut feelings seem to be key to management in agriculture. That;s our report from the farm. I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA 3 your local news leader

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