From the Farm: Ethanol Effect on Corn Growers

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Last week, President Trump said he was directing the EPA to allow year-round use of 15% ethanol blends. He also wants the EPA to clean up some other issues benefiting corn growers.  WCIA 3’s ag reporter Stu Ellis has more in this morning’s report From the Farm.

One of the major concerns that corn growers had with the US Environmental Protection Agency was giving waivers to petroleum refiners to not have to blend ethanol, according to president Aaron Carlson of the Illinois corn growers…

Aaron Carlson
This has been a significant issue. We are hoping we can bring those gallons back, basically, and have those reallocated into the pool of gallons that have just kind of disappeared. I believe its is two-point-two billion gallons in RINS that just went poof and they are gone. One way that we could, the president, he has said he has some willingness to give the one pound waiver, the Reid vapor pressure waiver for the E-15, we’re kind of hoping that we can sell the stuff year round and that would help, ultimately, on the profitability end of things.

But Carlson says that does not mean demand for another two billion bushels of corn..

Aaron Carlson

Ultimately we will be blending higher amounts of ethanol. That end of it will help. Down the road we would like to go to even higher levels, yet again. And we have been kind of sticking our toes in the water, I guess, start some discussions on high blends, yet again, even over the E-15. Maybe some sort of new of new surfuels with the autos and just kind of go from there.

Stu Ellis
That’s our repot from the farm, I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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