From the Farm: Early soybeans

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NEW HOLLAND, Ill. (WCIA) — Snow on Tuesday probably did not hurt early planted crops as much as the overnight freeze.

Rick Boyer of New Holland has been planting early beans for 10-12 years to boost his yield.

WCIA: Have you been successful at that?

“I would say we’ve got a 20% or so, throwing ball park figures out there, 20% increase in yields the last few years of doing that,” says Boyer. “We are planting a little bit late maturing bean, 3.6-3.8 somewhere in that range maturity-wise. We are figuring that helps us out too.”

WCIA: You planted this field right here, two weeks ago, and they are popping through the ground right now. Are you happy with their maturity at this point?

“Yeah, we’re happy they are starting to come through the ground,” says Boyer. “My goal is try to get about a week of 70-degree weather at the end of March or sometime in mid to late March, and we look for a week of warmer weather, somewhere around the 70s to start. If I can see a week of that in the weather forecast ahead I will usually go and just keep going with beans.”

WCIA: Is that why you did that this year?

“Yeah, we started the first part of April is when we started and I am 90% done already,” he says.

WCIA: Here, at the end of April, we are headed into 10 days or so of pretty adverse weather.

“It sure seems that way, but beans are pretty hardy,” Boyer says. “They can take the cold weather better than corn anyway. We are hoping they will survive and keep going.”

WCIA: Boyer uses a full complement of seed treatments.

“Yes, I would say if you are planting beans early that is something you’d want to do,” he says. “Throw the insecticide in there and keep those bean leaf beetles off early, there are not may beans they can do to then, they’ll come to those early planted ones then.”

WCIA: You don’t want to be the first buffet out there.

“That’s right, Boyer says, “cause they’re gonna find ya.”

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