From the Farm: Ditch Drift app offers herbicide spraying solution

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(WCIA) — Dicamba herbicides have been effective in controlling weeds in the right fields but can damage neighboring vegetation.

There’s a new cell phone app that will tell farmers were problem fields are located.

The Ditch Drift app was developed by United Prairie agronomist Kyle Meece and colleagues for farmers to input their fields to be sprayed.

“They can invite their neighbors who are surrounding their own crops, their own farms, identify what trait package they are using in a given year, as well as invite their neighbors to share what trait package they are planting and without all of the phone calls and the paper maps and all the tracking and forms, this is just an easy, user friendly app where they can get in and look at this information all in one place, just to make everyday decisions, and spray on an everyday basis and stay efficient,” Meece says.

WCIA: This is available for download and use in this growing season.

“Absolutely,” Meece says. “We just launched here about a week ago. It’s available now in the Apple App Store, so you can access that. There’s a trial portion where you can enter one field, take a look at it, then for the pro or premium version, its $79.99 on a yearly basis, enroll as many fields as you want, invite the neighbors.

“So within the Apple App store, you type in the search bar, ‘Ditch Drift’ and that will be able to get you right to the app where you can download. Also we tried to make this a little more user-friendly, so part of my team has developed some tutorials that you can get off YouTube.

“You know, when I can’t figure something out, I go to YouTube a lot. And to go there, you put in “Ditch Drift” in the search icon on YouTube and it will take you to maybe three or four tutorials.”

And with luck, your neighbors will stay neighborly.

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