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As soybeans are harvested, some farmers are happy with yields, but others won’t be if they don’t match those of their neighbors. WCIA 3’s Ag Reporter Stu Ellis has more in this morning’s report From the farm.

Stu Ellis
Have you joined the 100 bushel club along with some of your neighboring soybean growers? Or you may be wondering why your soybean yields were dismal at best. It may be because of soybean cyst nematodes…

Brian Diers
The critical thing is to sample your fields, take soil samples, have them tested to determine how many nemotodes you have in your fields and that is going to help you know what you should do to protect your crop.

Stu Ellis
There’s a lot of farmers who don’t do that and have no idea.

Brian Diers
that’s right, that’s right and you can be losing 25% of your yield with no above ground visual symptoms. You think everything is fine but those nematodes are feeding on your roots and robbing value from your crop

Stu Ellis
That is Brian Diers, University of Illinois soybean researcher, who says he and others are looking for alternatives to the SCN resistant genetics used worldwide known as 88788

Brien Diers…
Its been hard to beat the yields with the varieties with the 88788. And what we’ve done is looking at research done with lots of locations with field tests, and what we’ve show is that that 88788 resistance works pretty well, and its works pretty well protecting yield and it has been pretty hard to show advantage of these other sources of resistance.

Stu Ellis
That’s our report from the farm, I’m Stu Ellis with WCIA3 your local news leader.

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