DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The 2021 Farm Progress show is returning to Decatur this summer and the show grounds will be full of new farming technology.

Farmers have not had the chance to see and touch new farm equipment for over a year and there’s a lot of new stuff out there, says Farm Progress Show Director Matt Jungmann

“That’s exactly right,” he says. “We’ve just sort of blanked out for a year. There just hasn’t been anything. But at the same time, there’s been products introduced, it’s all been done virtually, it’s all been done on the computer screen in front of you, or on a Zoom call. This is going to be the chance for all these folks to see these things in person.

“There are products being rolled out right now, but there have been products rolled out that folks have not been able to see in person. No Louisville, No Commodity Classic, no in-person events since Commodity Classic in San Antonio, I think, about a year ago.

“Between what’s been unveiled over the course of the last year, in addition to what’s yet to come, all that big pile of unveilings that come right before the Farm Progress Show, that will be unveiled here in person, the place is going to be full of new products and technology.”

WCIA asks Jungmann, “Now for people who are looking at their calendar, what dates do they circle?”

“Please circle August 31, September 1 and 2, that is the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, before Labor Day.”

WCIA asks Jungmann, “Will there be any changes for this year’s show that people should know about.”

“Our intention is that its going to be a normal Farm Progress Show,” Jungmann. “There’s probably going to be some COVID considerations, but its way too early right now to say what that’s going to look like.

“The way the news his hitting, and the curves are going in the right direction, things are opening up in Illinois and surrounding states I think we can feel pretty confident that we can have a pretty untouched, pretty normal, and regular Farm Progress Show by the time August rolls around.”

WCIA tells Jungmann, “Just make sure all the farmers and attendees have both their shots.”

“That’s right, go get those shots!” Jungmann says.