Friday Flicks: Dunkirk & Wish Upon

The Morning Show

Film critic Chuck Koplinski joins the Morning Show to review a much anticipated war movie and surprising horror film.

Dunkirk (Starts Friday) Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.  Though there’s no shortage of ambition on display, as Nolan skews the time frame of the film’s three storylines so that one begins a week from the evacuation, the other, one day before and the third an hour before.  While this is meant to underscore a sense of destiny where all of the players are concerned, it comes off as a distraction.  Astounding art direction abounds in a film that comes off as impressive rather than moving. 3 Stars (Chuck Koplinski) Rated PG-13. 106 minutes. AMC-C, AMC-D, SAV

Wish Upon. A teenage girl (Joey King) discovers a box that’s able to grant whatever she wishes for. Unfortunately, she finds there’s a deadly price for using them.  While the film’s logic jumps the tracks in the third act, there’s just enough fun horror hijinks on display for fans of the genre. 2 ½ Stars (Chuck Koplinski) Rated PG-13. 90 minutes.  AMC-C, AMC-D, SAV.


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