Farm Safety Week: Cultivating the seeds of safety

The Morning Show


Craig Conroy, Agribusiness Operations Manager with COUNTRY Financial® joins us this morning to review a few farm safety tips that can help you protect yourself or your favorite farmer.

•             Possible question if needing a transition: Craig, why is farm safety important to COUNTRY Financial?

o             COUNTRY Financial was founded by farmers in 1925, and of course we are part of the Illinois Farm Bureau’s family of companies. Farming is part of our heritage, and as you mentioned, farming is a dangerous occupation, so farm safety is an important, continuous message all year long.

•             Maintain your equipment

o             Proper safety features in place

•             Be alert on the road

o             Follow state driving laws

o             Remember to decrease speed and approach agricultural equipment with care

o             Never pass farm equipment in a NO PASSING ZONE

o             Remember farm equipment may be wider than what is visible from behind, and it may be difficult to see if traffic is approaching in the opposite direction

o             Maintain a safe following distance and be patient

o             Consider taking an alternative route during peak commuting times such as sunrise and sunset

•             Get plenty of rest and take frequent breaks

o             Drink plenty of fluids and have healthy snacks

o             Don’t push yourself past healthy limits

o             Accidents happen when fatigue sets in

•             Tell family and helping hands where you will be working and when

•             Have a plan for grain bin safety

o             Train your workers

o             Follow safe bin entry practices

o             Have an emergency plan

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