The Morning Show

Mark & Jocelyn Wolters join us to talk about family travel.

We will be talking about family travel tips and multigenerational travel tips. As more families are multigenerational (grandparents, parents, and grandchildren) they are traveling that way as well. So more people are trying to learn how best to travel with multi generations. We also may speak about some family travel advice that could help the viewers be ready for their next vacation trips as a family.

1: Family Travel: Getting people to travel as a family instead of leaving the kids at home as many people seem to believe that having kids means you never get to travel anymore.

2: Multi-Generational Travel: traveling with grandparents or grandchildren, how to better prepare for these type of trips.

3: General travel budget tips: we could discuss a few tips and trick that we use to help save money on our travels.

4: Destinations for international and domestic travel for families and multi-generational trips that are not Disney World.

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